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Roller Blinds Decorating Tips

If you dislike the look of your current roller blinds but don’t have enough money to purchase new ones, you have the option of decorating them and make them stylish and brand new or finding a low-cost roller blind supplier near you.

When it comes to home improvement, most people often pay attention to rearranging the furniture and putting a fresh coat of paint and neglect the look of their windows. But just think about the number of times you look out the window on a single day, and you’ll realize why changing your window treatments is an important aspect of home improvement. If you’re pleased with the current appearance of your blinds, but want to refresh their look, there are a some of the best Australian roller blind decoration tips 2017.

Before you embark on the task, you will want to ensure that the roller blinds are cleaned properly. Collect the dust roller blindsusing a vacuum cleaner or a feather duster and use a clean wet sponge to wipe the blind. You can even detach it and clean it more by soaking in a bathtub.

The first option in roller blinds decoration is attaching a fabric piece on the surface. This is also known as a fabric to fabric decoration. The process is quite simple. You’ll need to measure the blind to determine the size of the fabric you will be attaching to the blind. The fabric should be a little wider on all sides than the roller blind to reduce not only the chances of measurement errors but also make the process of gluing easier. The second step is to choose the fabric. You can go for synthetic or natural, patterned or plain. It all comes down to your taste. However, it’s better to choose some light materials like cotton rather than velvet or wool. The latter tend to affect the functionality of blinds.

The next step is to glue the fabric to the blind. You can use a glue gun or spray glue to apply the glue evenly across the surface. Start attaching it from the bottom and ensure there are no bubbles or creases. When it dries, the next step is applying the finish. Add some white glue to the fabric’s surface to avoid fraying. If you don’t plan on rolling the blinds too often, using a matte sealant along the edges will be enough.

If you have some spare time, you can make things even better by adding colour to your roller blinds. This process needs some imagination and creativity, but don’t worry as it is not too complicated. Just prepare some water, a few sponges, and a fabric paint. For simple shapes, use circular or square sponges, but if you wish to take the redecoration process a step further, you can buy sponges of various shapes such as flowers, fruits, animals or even make your own.

You can do this when the blinds are still hanging, but if you want a smoother experience, you may want to take them down. Dip the sponges into your colour of choice and carefully press them onto the surface of the blind. Ensure you apply enough colour as you don’t want your flower or animal shapes turning into smudges. Repeat the process as many times as you wish, changing the shapes and colors. Leave the blinds to dry.

Another great way of decorating your roller blinds is with some appealing trims, ribbons, fringes or laces that you can get from a craft or sewing store. Use hot glue to attach these to the edges. If you don’t have a lot of time in your hands, you can always buy stickers and decals and attach them on the blinds.

As you can see, there are various creative ways to improve the look of your roller blinds without spending a fortune.


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