Welcome to curtains and window treatments we decided to start this site to help people save money. When it comes to decorating your home and making it your castle many people are trying to decide if they should go with curtains or window treatments.

After doing our own decorating we have decided to start this site because this is such a huge topic we wanted to share our opinions with people. We believe that when it comes to curtains and window treatments; if people really want to leave their options open then they should consider decorating their home with window treatments.

Why window treatments instead of curtains?

If you have to have your privacy and do not want people to be able to see you from afar then curtains may be the right choice for you. This is the main reason that you do your research on curtains and window treatments before you spend any amount of money. Sure you can always go back and change your decor but we all know that in today’s society we are all trying to save money.

When you begin doing your research on curtains and window treatments you are going to realize that there are so many options for people who opt to use treatments. You will be able to let the sun in your home and the best part is that there are so many options when it comes to choosing among several types of discount window treatments. Your family will not feel like vampires because it is dark in your home, yet you are able to protect them from the harmful effects of the sun.

Several people think that curtains look pretty; however, the truth is that they will not provide you with the same protection that good window treatments do. Besides, you will notice that curtains tend to hold dust and dirt in them and you will have to take them down often to clean them especially if you have allergies.

Another downside of curtains is if they are not thick enough then the glare from the sunlight will begin to seep in and distract you while you are watching TV and doing some of your other activities. You can easily find a good discount window treatment such as a Solar Shade or Roman Shade that will keep the sun glare out of your home without having to make it extremely dark.

Of course it is up to you on how you want to decorate your home; however feel free to browse our site to find out more about curtains and window treatments before you spend your hard earned money and make sure that you decorate your home exactly the way that you want it to be. You will find a lot of valuable information on this site that will make your shopping experience a whole lot easier.

Contemporary Window Treatments

More and more people are interested in finding out information about contemporary window treatments because they have realized that they can easily take a boring look and make it look extremely stylish and sleek. These are especially great for people who do not know about interior design but want their home to look as though a professional designed it.

There are several new contemporary window treatments that people everywhere can choose from and we wanted to list some of the most popular ones that people seem to love.

Roman Shades:

These types of window treatments can dress up any room because they will provide a lot of colors and can come in several different designs that can fit any budget and the homeowner does not have to have a lot of decorating experience.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades:

Luxurious shades that can be used to keep your home nice and cool in the summer and prevent the heat from leaking out of your home in the winter. They are designed with an insulation material that will help keep your energy costs low and more efficient.


Several homeowners love to use shutters because they can get a contemporary look without having to spend a lot of money. Depending on the types of shutters that you get you can easily get asleep and elegant look in your home and still keep that privacy that you are striving to keep.

Bamboo Shades:

Many people have been decorating their homes with bamboo shades because they are a great way to add some elegance and provide an earthy tone to your home. People also tend to love the fact that the bamboo shades are a great way to provide a great durable quality to their home that can withstand pretty much anything.

No matter what type of contemporary window treatments you are looking for; just like any other type of window treatments that you are looking for you should take the time to do your research. The best thing is that there are so many online and offline stores that can easily provide you with the treatments that you are looking for while still staying in the budget that you want to be in.

Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments

Sliding glass door window treatments can easily be a huge challenge for anyone who is trying to do some interior decorating. One of the main reasons that they are such a challenge to decorate is because these doors are made to slide open and shut and curtains and window treatments can easily get in the way.

The last thing that any homeowner wants is to invest money in sliding glass door window treatments and then find that it only gets in the way of everyone who is trying to use the door. When you are deciding what type of sliding glass door window treatments you should use; it is extremely important that you take the sliding movement of the door into mind.

However, the great thing is that if you do some research online then you will easily find that there are a few possible coverings for sliding doors that you will love.

Motorised Roller Blinds: These seem to be the most popular because they are ideal and suit most of the sliding glass doors on the market. The motorised roller shades are attached directly to the door rims this way when you open and close the door the shades just move with the door. In fact, they also come with a remote control as well that will help people operate the shades the way that they want to without any hassle. More information about the right roller blinds can be found here

Paper Screens For Glass:

You can find these at almost any type of retail store; they come in sheer translucent papers or PVC foils that will help give your room an elegant appeal while staying in your budget. The only downside is that it can be quite confusing and time consuming applying the paper screens to the glass. You have to ensure that it sticks nice and flat otherwise your sliding door will have air bubbles in it that will make it look unappealing.

Stained Glass:

One of the great things with sliding glass door window treatments is that you can easily make turn your door into a beautiful addition to your home just by adding some creativity. You will find that several people have chosen to stain or sand their door with creative designs to help it stand out and make their home look beautiful.

Regardless of what you are looking for in sliding glass door window treatments, the truth is that if you take your time and know what you want to achieve you can make your home look and feel beautiful.

Arched Window Treatments

More and more of today’s modern homes are being designed with arched windows and therefore several homeowners are finding themselves searching the internet for arched window treatments. You should know before you start trying to decorate these types of windows that they are some of the most difficult ones to decorate.

However, if you begin researching arched window treatments then you will realize that there are some great window treatments that you can begin using. In fact, we wanted to provide you with some of the most popular ones that most people tend to use because they are simple and can easily add some elegance to your home.

Fabric curtains seem to be the easiest thing to do because they will help you downplay the curve on the arch and therefore you can dress it up a little bit. However, you should be aware of the fact that with curtains you are likely to suffer from dust and dirt collecting on the fabric curtains. This can also be a challenge for people who suffer from allergies because the fabric will easily collect all kinds of allergens.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons that so many people choose different types of window treatments because they do not want to deal with this problem.

Drapery panels have also been used as arched window treatments; however, they can be a challenge to hang because of the arch. One of the best things that you can do is find someone who has decorated their homes with arched window treatments.

Trust me you are not the only one who is experiencing difficulty trying to implement arched window treatments. Be sure to ask a specialist to provide you with some great advice that will help your home look elegant and sleek without overspending on your budget.

You will hear many stories about people who tend to leave their arches open because they love the open look feeling in their home. Regardless of what you want your home to look like; the truth is that you first have to sit down and decide what you are trying to achieve.

The Kitchen

When it comes to decorating your home one of the rooms that you want to spend a little more time decorating is your kitchen. There are such a vast array of kitchen window treatments that it could easily confuse any consumer. One of the main reasons that there is such a huge array of kitchen window treatments is because the kitchen is one of the rooms that people love to socialize in.

As a consumer, it is vital that you sit down and ask yourself what type of atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen. You have several options such as creating a rustic country feeling or you can choose to go with a more modern contemporary look.

Yes, this can be so confusing this is the reason that we decided to help you by listing some of the most popular kitchen window treatments that people seem to choose.
Grass Mat Style Kitchen Window Treatments: People who love the outdoors or who have children seem to love these types; they make your kitchen extremely colorful, bright and inviting. One of the best things that people seem to love about these is that they seem to match any type of color or decor that is on your walls. As you begin doing your research you are going to discover that these treatments come with either a trim look or no trim look and the best part is that you can fit these into any budget.

Roman Shades: While these are easy and uncluttered they come in many different colors and designs that are sure to add a bright touch to any kitchen decor.

Wood Kitchen Window Treatments:

If you love the country style appeal then you may want to add these to your home. You can easily get these painted in any color that you choose or if you want to get creative you can even paint them yourself. The wood appeal is going to make your kitchen inviting and the best part is that they can easily let the sunshine in your kitchen and brighten up the entire room or if you choose you can keep them closed and keep the sun out.

No matter what type of kitchen window treatments you decide to go with the truth is that you will want to do your research to ensure that you spend your money on the best type of discount window treatments that are going to make your home feel like your castle.

Cheap Bamboo Shades

Okay, we all know that while we want our home to look great and inviting the last thing that we want to do is overspend on window treatments. No matter if you are looking for cheap bamboo shades or any other type of window treatment to add some beauty to your home then you will want to follow these tips to ensure that you get the best deal for the money that you spend.

1. Size: No matter who you are we all have to know that the window treatments and cheap bamboo shades come in many different colors. This means that you have to take the time to measure the window that you are going to be decorating to ensure that you get the right size.

2. Furniture: Before you spend any type of money on decorating one of the biggest and best tips that you can receive is to ensure that the treatments that you are planning on getting will match the furniture that you have. If for some reason you neglect to match it to the furniture then your home will look funny because your home will look awkward.

3. Goals: Just like anything else that you are trying to achieve you have to know what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to make a relaxing atmosphere that is inviting or are you just trying to add some pizazz?

4. Paint: If your home is painted with neutral colors then you are going to realize that you can find cheap bamboo shades that will easily match any pain style. However, if you have your home painted with colors that do not match then you may not want to get these types of window treatments.

5. Shop: If you are like most everyone else who comes to the internet you are most likely trying to do your homework to ensure that you get the best deal. Well, it will not be difficult to find some great cheap bamboo shades that you can use in any room in your home as long as you take the time to do your research.

Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish in your home, the truth is that if you do your research online and offline you should be able to find some cheap bamboo shades that will match both your home and your budget.

Bamboo Window Treatments

Bamboo window treatments are a great way to add warmth, class, and elegance to your any room in your home. It seems that bamboo window treatments are on the rise in popularity among homeowners in both warm and cold climates.

One of the best things that people seem to love about bamboo window treatments can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. In fact, many people have used these bamboo window treatments to decorate their sunrooms, patios or any other room in their home.

They will easily add a great amount of privacy to your home while filtering the sunlight by easily allowing you to control the temperature of any room in your home.

Bamboo is a durable material that can withstand almost anything; this means if you have children or pets they will be able to withstand the rough treatment that they may receive. They are designed with all natural materials that will bring an earthy tone look to your home.

The most common types of bamboo blinds are the roller style or the roman fold type. Many people seem to prefer the roller style as they are designed to be thin to help them role up easily without any effort. It all depends on what you are using the treatments for and what you want them designed as.

Another plus factor about these bamboo window treatments is that you can easily find them in a variety of colors and styles that are sure to fit any budget or room in your home. Just like any other type of window treatment that you get you will want to take your time and perform your due diligence to ensure that you get the best prices. You may be surprised to learn that many times you are going to find the best prices for all your discount window treatments a lot more inexpensive online.

When it comes to decorating any room in your home you are going to realize that there are so many options that it can easily blow your mind. Take the time and decide what type of look you want to portray in your home before you begin spending your money.